Marco Anedda Italian Violin Maker

Bowed Stringed Instruments

Amati, Guarneri del Gesù, Stradivari

Making a handmade violin, viola or cello is a long and delicate process, a development that lasts for more than two months: from the initial idea to the very first note played.

The conception of an instrument can start in many ways: with or without a new order, the need to focus, take the gouge and start to work, comes from a real artistic necessity, from the will to create something beautiful and unique.

Each instrument is a whole world to explore; a different range of colors, lines and proportions gives to each piece his own peculiarity. Anyway, even if they all have particular characteristics, my instruments also have some acoustic qualities in common: the carrying power of the sound, the balance of the strings, the power, the easy response. The making technique and the used materials are basically the same of the ones used during the XVI century: obviously the Amati brothers did not have the electric stove to heat it, but we use exactly the same kind of glue; I do not know if Stradivari would envy us our electric bending iron, but probably Guarneri would gladly accept a band saw in his workshop. All in all, the craftsmanship tools were and still are knife, gouge, chisel, and above all: ears, eyes, hands, brain and a good amount of artistic sensibility can surely help. The instruments from the past represent an ideal guide to follow: in a way, it is almost as if those great past violin makers were still here to teach us and talk with us through the voice of their wonderful instruments. Making a new instrument, I certainly look to the vast inheritance of information from the past, but my daily experience, the effective analysis, the musicians’ feedbacks and the advises of my colleagues also help me through my work, in order to be able to create, day after day, a better instrument.

Only by working with passion and constancy, you are able to reach your final goal, which for me is to offer high quality instruments to both professional musicians and passionate students.

Andrea Amati Violin, Guarneri del Gesù Violin, Stradivari Cello